• julie25

    Julie Keyser

    Julie A. Keyser has extensive experience in the music industry as a past chapter head for NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), Texaco Country Showdown judge at the Utah State Fair, a concert promoter and a prolific songwriter.  Throughout her musical career, she has worked with many artists and other music industry leaders.  Julie co-wrote the official song of The Statue ...

  • jason2

    Jason Jones

    Jason Jones has a long background in the LDS music scene, both as a band member of groups such as Enzign and Herod the Fink, and as a master of digital media.  While he loves to play and create most forms of rock and roll (especially on the drums), his true passion is recording music. Jones owns and operates a studio ...

  • dustydee-anothercropped

    Dusty Dee

    Dusty Dee has a familiar, toe tapping sound; it won’t take long before you’re singing along. Songs to dance to. Songs to sing along with. Songs that tell a story. Songs about home. "Dusty Dee has a distinctive voice and a quirky sense of humor ... as well as a knack for telling a good story" - Richard Amery, LABeat.ca (Oct 27, ...

  • 7wall larger 2

    Sons of Other Mothers

    Alan Sanders, John Paul, Lorenzo Blackburn and Blake Smith are brothers in music. Their style is somewhat folky, a little country, light on the rock but always heavy on heart and soul. Their songs tell stories which are sometimes amusing and sometimes just outright emotional, but most of all they enjoy performing and have the common goal of entertaining others and ...

  • littlemiraclesCD

    Lindy Kerby

    Lindy Kerby is known for her LDS inspirational piano and vocal music.  Several of her pieces have won awards from the Church's LDS music competition, and two have been chosen to be performed at the Church's LDS music award concerts. Lindy manages a popular LDS music website where many of her arrangements and original songs can be downloaded for free. She is ...

  • selfportrtait2

    One Man Mormon Blues Band

    The One Man Mormon Blues Band is the brainchild of Gary McCallister. By day, he is a professor of biology at a small liberal arts college, but at night, McCallister turns into a lonely, old blues-man. McCallister sings a unique form of the blues that has emerged from western Colorado, celebrating the hard times and persecution of the Mormons. His music ...

  • 4897_1194554342851_1198225945_544733_7543307_s[1]

    n8 and Company

    n8 and Company's music  is "a rainbow of fruit flavors from acoustic guitar ballads to 80's power rock."  At least 50 percent of their material is written in Spanish.  n8 has been on Colombian radio and TV.  n8 says he would love to be the writing wind beneath someone's vocal wings. n8 also tells LDSMusicians he's "not a songwriter who was ...

  • ofpreciousvalue-cropped1

    Of Precious Value

    With their belief that God-given talents should be used for positive impact, Of Precious Value strives to create value driven music that is fun, fresh, and particularly appealing to youth and young adults.  Fronted by sisters Sierra and Jenessa Mylroie, the group recorded and released their first album in July of 2012. Jenessa is a budding lyricist, talented singer, and percussionist. ...

  • matt2

    Matt Mylroie

    Fusing roots and modern music, Matt's sound varies from country to rock, folk to funk, organic to ambiant, bluegrass to blues, and vintage to modern. Drawing on life experiences, dreams, and timeless values such as honesty and hard work, Matt creates themes and sounds that relate to a wide range of listeners. As a producer and engineer working with others, he has ...

  • mark3

    Mark Hansen

    Listening to Mark Hansen's music doesn't require parental approval. It's a bit of clean rebellion. It keeps your outlook up and your hope alive. It's got strong drums and screaming guitars. It pumps you up and drives your life. It's a hunger for exploration. It chooses the right and returns with honor. It's music you don't have to confess to ...


    Keith Driskill

    Keith Driskill is known for his fingerstyle guitar playing and calming acoustic ballads.  He has enjoyed recognition and airtime in Seattle and music reviews from around the U.S.  His folk/acoustic style is know for its peaceful and serene feel. New Age Music World says Driskill's music "shuttles the listener to a relaxing state of mind by its peaceful down to earth ...

  • M Ryan Taylor as Rev Shaw Moore

    M. Ryan Taylor

    As the author of two operas, numerous choral works, art songs and other compositions, M. Ryan Taylor shares his insights, outsights and hindsights on the creative process.  In fact, Taylor can typically be found writing about creativity, health and the simple life. He is the current director of The American Fork Children's Choir. His award-winning singing has led him to explore ...

  • Canon 602

    Rick Chappell

    Rick is a multi-instrumentalist that can be found making all sorts of noise (joyful or not, depending on your perspective). Chappell has performed with a number of groups, from classical to rock.  And if there's ska happening, you'll typically find him nearby. Currently he's playing with the band 1157 where's he's writing and playing on a new album project. The album's first ...

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